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I believe that technically, the license says 2 guest VM's per machine. But I don't believe there are any technical restrictions. I run it on an old xServe with very good results for my home lab.

Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC

Virtual macOS instances are a licensing minefield. Armstrong wrote:. First of all thank you all for those really fast replies! Are there other virtualization products I can consider?

Parallels Mac Management 7

I guess VMware are the best but it probably the most expensive and I must Offer a cheaper alternative as well. If anyone have more details about the licensing of those OS please share. That is the most complicated part , that we must do by the book. I'd also make sure to run from a fast SSD - booting 10 VM's is going to tax disk more than anything else during the initial booting phase.

You can install ESXi for free, and that would provide a much more stable environment for hosting that many VMs compared to Fusion not that you couldn't do it in Fusion, but ESXi is designed for it. Souce x. I realize this has been mentioned in passing above, but this is the most recent SLA from Apple and the line that specifies acceptable use. Just throwing that out there.

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I run about 8 - 10 minis each with 2 VMs. I recently burned out the RAM in one mini running Parallels. Subscribe subscribe. Print print. Created: Aug 29, Last Updated: Sep 14, Total Views: , We use cookies for advertising, social media and analytics purposes.

Parallels Server for Mac

Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them here. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Knowledge Base. Eventually the OS X installer will load. Select your language and continue the installation according to your preferences. I did a minimal install to speed things up disabling X11, fonts, languages, and printers but ultimately I am not sure how beneficial this is to the installation time.

When the installation runs, it may seem to hang at times; however, it will be progressing. My installation took around 35 minutes to complete.

VDI Solutions for Mac OSX |

Once the installation finishes, the system reboots and presents the user registration. Oddly there was no introduction video with the spinning multilingual "welcome" words, but that may be due to limited system resources for the VM. The first bootup is a little slow, and the system lags a bit but upon checking Activity Monitor the single CPU is running a maximum while Spotlight indexes the drive. This takes around 15 minutes to complete, and when it does the system becomes a bit more responsive. Applications launch nicely though the Dock does run in slow-motion , and moving items around on screen is pretty snappy.

Oddly, while my machine is a 2. In addition, Apple's "Ink" handwriting recognition system is active and available in the system preferences, even though I do not have a tablet connected. I figure these discrepancies are to be expected in the experimental VM setup, and so far have not shown any undesired behavior.

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